Here's the ultimate list of products, apps, tools, and resources I use on a daily basis!


Video Production

  • Premiere Pro - for desktop video editing
  • Photoshop - for photo editing
  • Audition - for podcast production
  • iMazing - for importing video when Image Capture fails
  • Handbrake - for amending video file types
  • KineMaster - my choice of editing app on mobile
  • AdobeClip - best app for learning the basics of video editing
  • Anchor - for posting all the podcast
  • AirPods - the best headphones I’ve used
  • iPhone X 256GB - my phone - use this for all my filming 
  • Rode Video Mic Pro - for recording sound into my iPhone
  • BorrowFox - for camera and gear rentals 



    • Spotify - where I listen to music
    • Apple Podcasts - where I go to listen to podcasts
    • Strava - for recording all my exercise data. Follow me!
    • Headspace - for meditation 
    • Monzo -for personal banking
    • Instantt - for discovering new places around me for lunch
    • Coinbase - for monitoring my crypto investments!
    • SleepCycle - for monitoring my sleep. Love the ’rain’ sounds
    • MyFitnessPal - for helping me to remember to eat!
    • Bloons - my all-time favourite iPhone game!
    • Hopper - for working out when the best time to buy flights is
    • SkyScanner - for live flight prices
    • Waze - for all traffic stuff when I'm in the car
    • CityMapper - to stop me getting lost!






      • Squarespace - for designing websites and landing pages
      • ServerLove - website server hosting
      • 1and1 - for buying & managing domains
      • TypeForm - for all the forms on the site
      • ConvertKit - for email marketing, courses and automation
      • Mouseflow - to track customer behaviour on the website


      * Please note that some of these are affiliate links - this means that if you click on the links then I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the website and allows me to continue to make free content. I only recommend products that I actually use. Thanks for your support!