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Hi, I'm James

I love teaching people how to edit their own videos using only the phone in their pocket and how to achieve the most attention from it once they’ve made it!

I started out as a video editor making the social content for sport documentaries on television. To improve my editing skills, I watched lots and lots of Youtube (too much to admit to really!) and somehow got sucked into learning as much as I could on every topic from all the skills required to produce successful social videos to what it takes to be a great content creator, the sub-cultures of each social network and the strategies and tactics required to win the attention of your audience.

Along this journey I realised two things:

1. Video needs demystifying: it’s much easier to make, cheaper and faster to do than people think.

2. It’s loads of fun and you can do it all using just the phone in your pocket.

So I set out on a mission: to empower YOU to be able shoot and edit your own videos.

I founded an education technology business called PlayByPlay, based in London, focused on entirely on teaching the video skills and tactics required to navigate the social era.